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Part of the gig is creating space for people to thrive and expand their visions while realizing their goals and aspirations. Experiences, especially those shared experiences, can make the best outcomes. We run on the thought that a stone dropped onto the mill pond will set a thousand waves in motion.

Part of our experience is investing in the ride.

Developing strategic partnerships is the way to evolve and build relationships; we need that tiny seed to grow. In the information age, there are so many possibilities to be explored. Yet as generations, we will be defined by how we handle our connection with the world we live in.
Essential for our business is helping others find the solutions that will drive their businesses and lifestyles to reach their full potential. We are here to help. The main focus is on the environment and how we bridge the gap between the environment and commerce.
We thrive in that space where conservation meets commerce.
Welcome aboard.

Lex Evans

Beach Scene
Upper Rangitata

Our Mission

We are the bridge that connects people, businesses, and organizations to the solutions they seek. Many times people do not know how to engage or where to begin their journies. Our practical knowledge and the digital assets we can provide can help create beneficial outcomes.

If we can facilitate and enable change and adaptation, we are achieving our goals and aspirations. We are weaving our story into your story to the benefit of all. Whether it’s an environmental or digital project, we are on a journey.


We are all on a journey; the journey is better shared.

Online Services

Pixel Marketing

Mobile focused websites, that enable you to be on your customer's phones.

Pixel Marketing

Pixel PWA

Progressive Web Apps,  a traditional website with increased functionality. Supercharge your marketing potential.

Home (

Pixel Marketing Apps

Phone apps that will drive your business, and run your business from your phone.

Pixel marketing app

Websites focused on the environment

Websites that are focused on presenting your conservation values and projects to the world.

Online solutions

Let us help you create that online solution that helps you grow your business and at the same time reach out to your customers.

Mobile focused solutions

Our world is on our phones; let us help you get your business on your customer's phones.

Ecoscape Services


Creating rural-based solutions that work with your goals and aspirations.

Wetland and riparian plantings

The development of plans, provision of plants, planting, and maintenance.


Sometimes it can be difficult to find that solution that works, let us help you to find what works for you in your situation.

Environmental Plantings

Working with landowners to help create and enhance environmental plantings.

Your Place Your way

We work with you to help turn your ideas into a place that works for you.

Maintenance of grounds in Rural settings

Management of larger rural gardens, advice, maintenance, and long-term planning.

“The world is going through a rapid transition to a low-carbon economy. This means that many things we do today will help future outcomes, even if they are not immediately apparent.“

Lex Evans

“ Conserving energy and resources can help us build a more secure future. You don't have to plant a forest; it can simply start by planting one tree. ”

Lex evans

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